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    Contact RIMA Theratouch in Asylum down Accra,

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Optimum health is a key determinant of human development. The increasing incidence of non-communicable disease like hypertension and diabetes go hand in hand with a growing incidence of Psychological Disorders, Substance and Alcohol Abuse and Sleep disorders in Ghana.

These conditions have the tendency to significantly deform our human resource capacity and need to be treated with a clear emphasis on respect for the client. Respect for the client plus providing the right atmosphere for treatment significantly reduces the stigma associated with these illness.  The public hospital cannot cope with the rising incidence of these conditions and the private sector needs to intervene. The public hospitals are also affected by poor public perception and a lack of respect for the client.

The Brain Clinic and Tema Sleep Centre is a private clinic that is well-equipped and located in an upscale residential area that provides the client with total confidentiality

Out-patient and In-patient services are provided and the clinic can admit up to 16 clients. It is positioned to offer services for mental/emotional health and wellness and provide solutions for the management of all Sleep Disorders (e.g. Insomnia and Sleep Apnoea)

A team of experienced professionals which includes psychiatrists, psychologists, nurses, sleep technicians, physiotherapist and massage therapist provide quality services around the clock on a 24hrly basis.

It has a fully equipped Sleep laboratory which is the leading one in West Africa

The ultimate goals of the clinic are complete patient transformation and recovery in an atmosphere which promotes respect for our clients.

The idea of the clinic is the initiative of the director Dr. Yao Mfodwo supported by other directors trained in the United Kingdom, Ivory Coast and Ghana. Dr Mfodwo was trained in both Ghana & South Africa and has many years experience in the field of mental health and sleep disorders in both countries. He has travelled extensively to many conferences and meetings and has had the privilege of working as the Team Psychologist of the Senior Ghana National Football Team, The Black Stars at FIFA World Cup, Germany 2006.He also lectures part-time at the University of Cape Coast School Of Medical Sciences. The utmost desire of the team is to set a high standard of treatment towards psychological illness and sleep disorders through the provision of quality service in an environment that places a premium on respect for the client.

The clinic promotes the innovative system of psychological wellness where the quality of health care is highest priority. By providing effective and timely treatment to our patients, The Brain Clinic seamlessly administers a continuum of care across clients.

Our secured and therapeutic environment fosters recovery and reduces patient seclusion which helps to promote wellness.